Looking for more on how a fulfillment company can help grow your business or ease the strain of shipping to your customers?

Know your business inside and out and want to find a fulfillment company to provide the service and reliability you need to succeed?

Freight Forwarding Service

Dedicated one on one service to help guide Importers in todays uncertain Freight Forwarding Market, Competitive Full Containers and LCL Cargo rates.

Supply Chain Consulting

Analyze information to identify and solve any logistics and supply chain operation problems for our Customers

Full Truck and LTL Trucking

We provide reliable transportation carriers to the shippers and coordinating all of the shipping needs for our customers.

Our Mission

Over 20 years of experience in the Industry, we believe in delivering professional, yet affordable logistics services by becoming a fundamental part of your Supply Chain by adding value through our can-do attitude, measurable growth, professional growth and positive cost initiative.

Our Value Added Services

Wholesale Product Fulfillment


Retail Product Fulfillment

Online Inventory Report System

Packaging, Re-Boxing, Re-Packaging

Package Customization

Light / Sub Assembling

Same Day Shipping

Marketing Material Distribution

Yes, We Do It Well!

As a Fulfillment Center

We assist you to pick and pack your online customer’sorder and send directly to them. Usually deal with EA (each quantity) to your retail customer such as Amazon,
eBay or Walmart.com buyer.

  1. Pick and Pack plus promotional material for shipping
  2. Remove outer box into the smaller unit for shipping
  3.  Return authorization and sorting merchandise

As a Distribution Center

We consolidate your products in one location, where we assist you to receive all your products from different vendors around the world, and we assist to ship them
to your other business locations or retail shops per instruction. We ship in bulk quantity with pallet.

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